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Bilde av Joar Lien, filmskaper


Inspired by the first spark of Black Maria,  BLACKTREES was born from the merging of the passions of Johann Pelichet and Adrien Pisler. Their love for the 7th art and music has bestowed upon BLACKTREES an unique creative signature.

Based in Lausanne Switzerland, since 2016, they forge international connections, welcoming the creative input of every partner. This alchemy of visions gives rise to unique audiovisual creations.

2021 was a pivotal year for the duo with the integration of a member who brought the concept of the 'artistic code.' Blending art and algorithms, we adapted to the digital world. Exploring web3.0 and blockchains, we seek to elevate traditional creativity, facilitate digital access for our partners, and design audiovisual experiences for the era of the Metaverse and digital space.

BLACKTREES is committed to collaborations where the investment of time and creativity aligns seamlessly with the partnership's dynamics and budget.

Selected works



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